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Best Outdoor Summer Camping Experience With Full Of Fun

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Mini Holiday At Farmhouse Having Beautiful Outdoor Decoration

Last summer I went to this beautiful farmhouse to spend a weekend. It was a lovely place and I had a great time over there. In the sweltering heat of summer, there is nothing like a weekend with friends away from the busy life and into the greens. It was a massive house in the countryside. We were there for just two days, but it relaxed us like a mini holiday.

As I reflect on it, I realize the décor of any place has a direct impact on our mind-the furniture, seating arrangement, shape and type of bed and also the outdoor décor plays a major role in making the holiday a success. Hence, it is important to have a look at the pictures of the place where you are planning to spend your holiday before deciding it.

outdoor decoration for farm house

Farm House With Outdoor Decoration

This farmhouse was one of its kinds as it had a very ancient look and the furniture and the make was strong but had a calming effect due to the lighting fixtures which had a dull glow. To add to the ancient feel, there was a big chandelier in the center of the ceiling in the living room with mini candle lanterns around which looked beautiful.

There was a big wine rack with little stools and we had a great time there, chatting and sipping wine. Near the sitting area, there were big, cozy sofas with little ottomans to rest your feet. It relaxes your tired legs after a long day.

We spent our last day outside the farmhouse camping in the lawn. Though not maintained the lawn was fun. In fact, I would say it was more fun only because it wasn’t maintained and felt like woods. There was a big patio umbrella and we set our picnic baskets underneath it and huddled on the lawn as we had a nice luncheon.  The afternoon was spent lazing around on hammocks and rope chairs reading a book or listening to music or just doing what we are best at –gossiping with friends.

patio umbrella with picnic baskets

Picnic Under Big Patio Umbrella

At night we had a camp fire and sung songs and played dumb charades as we stuffed ourselves with fresh barbecued chicken and vegetables.

As the day ended and it was time to go back, I was so relaxed and rejuvenated. This was one of the best outdoor camping I experienced and it was a lot of fun with friends.

Best Outdoor Summer Camping Experience With Full Of Fun by

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