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Change Your Room Environment With Decorative Lighting

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Lighting up your room well is an art you must cultivate and subsequently master. Lighting plays an extremely important role in deciding the overall look and feel of your home. How you choose to light up your room can change the mood drastically. Replacing or adding lights to your home interior will certainly give an entirely new look to your home decor in a matter of hours. You need to know some basics to get it right before you start redefining your interior design with lights.

There are four types of lighting besides the natural sunlight that can be used in your home- accent, ambient, task and decorative.

Decorative Lighting

Accent lights highlight a particular area, object or a show piece. They can be used in areas having dull lighting so that they can be focused on the objects and look beautiful. They can be even used in bathrooms if you have a huge one and also have nice objects of art in it. Halogen spotlights or wall mounted picture lights can be used for this purpose. You can even have pendant lights on the ceiling.

Ambient lighting is the most commonly used lighting used in most homes, which provides a mild to brighter glow as per the requirement in your room. It has a gentle glow which enables you to walk about the room safely and see without any difficulty. It has a central source of light like wall sconces, chandeliers or an overhead light.

Task lighting, as the name suggests provides lighting for performing daily activities like reading, cooking or dressing up. This lighting throws more light on specific areas. Under cabinet lighting, portable floor and desk lamps provide task lighting.

Decorative lighting includes modern lighting like candlestick chandeliers and fancy table lamps. It gives an aesthetic touch to your home d├ęcor.

Lighting determines your mood and proper lighting can uplift your mood instantly, so make sure you light your room adequately.

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