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Fun and Easy Decorating Ideas for Your Home

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Let’s redecorate! It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive or exhausting. You can change up your home’s decorating fast and easy, and have fun doing it. We’ll give you a few starter ideas and before you know it you’ll be coming up with your own fast and easy decorating ideas for your home.

Here are the ground rules: it must be fast and it must be easy. That’s it – let’s get started.

Clever Television Screen

  • Want to hide your TV?Attach  a roll-up blind to the inside of your entertainment cabinet’s TV opening. When you want to watch TV, roll the blind up. When you want to hide the TV, pull it down.
  • Don’t have an entertainment center? That’s okay: use fabric or towels sewn up three sides and slide it right over the TV screen, like sliding a paper into a folder.
  • Want to soften the look of your industrial steel shelving? Even though it’s popular, steel shelving isn’t exactly warm and inviting. Use colorful boxes and bags on the shelves. Use lengths of fabric to close the sides. Oh – and make the fabric sides easily replaceable by attaching them with, say, clothespins!
  • Pick a color. Then pick another. Use those two colors to kick up a room’s character. Add them on throw pillows, picture frames, rugs, vases, floral, curtains or tie-backs.
  • Get original in your office. Use nontraditional items for traditional ones: a test tube holder for pens and pencils. Or a piece of leather for your mouse pad.
  • Looking for a new bedroom headboard? Try hanging your favorite quilt over a mounted curtain rod as a headboard. You’ll save it from wear-and-tear while still enjoying it.
  • Mix it up in the entry: screw cabinet door knobs on the wall for coat hooks. Use matching knobs for a finished look or mix them up for fun.
  • For those seafaring strangers among us, glue the outsides of a large ½ seashell and a small ½ seashell. Using the smaller shell as the base, place it on your bath sink to hold your soap bar.
  • Don’t know what to do with all those one-of-a-kind teacups and saucers? Try using them in a drawer to keep your jewelry organized. They’re lovely reminders of days gone by.
  • Here’s a great, fast and easy decorating idea for your dining room. Bring out all your favorite serving pieces and place them on the table like you’re arranging flowers. Beautiful, enjoyable – and so fast and easy.
  • Paint.Anything.Everything. Pick a soothing monotone palate or go wild with crazy colors. Stick with stylish or make it elegant. All with a little paint!
  • Do you collect things? If they’re small, like plates, stationary, jewelry – arrange and hang them across a wall for an instant focal point.
  • Are you tired of vinyl window shades? Do a fast, easy update with wallpaper. Just paste the coordinating wallpaper on to the shade and be amazed at the instant transformation.

Oh, so many ideas, so little space. But you get the idea: you can decorate any corner of your house fast and easy. Now give it a try – use one of our ideas here, or one you’ve already thought of.

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