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How To Choose The Right Floor Lamps And Lighting Fixtures For Your Home

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Lighting is as important as the other aspects of home decor.  Proper lighting can uplift the rooms look like nothing else! So if you are planning to redecorate your home or planning to get a new one, make sure you don’t neglect lighting your room along with the other aspects of home decor. Not only does it make your room bright but it also influences your mood and can help you revitalize or relax. Moreover, it helps you perform day to day tasks like sewing, reading, writing, and cooking safely and with a lot of ease.

Consider different types of lighting for different rooms in your home.

Lamps For Your HomeFloor lamps

Make sure that the free standing lamp you have got for your hall or bedroom is stable and stands straight. To prevent it from tipping over or falling accidents, get one with a weighted bottom. You should also see to it that the lamp serves the basic purpose of emitting proper light and enabling you to do your work like reading and writing. In spite of the stylish look they give, lamps with dull lights are to be avoided if you are using the lamp in your study or for reading or writing. Along with the type of the bulb, the lamp shade will influence the type and intensity of the light thrown around by the lamp.

Table/desk lamps

Take into consideration the height of the table where the lamp will be placed. Make sure there is enough distance between the lamp on your desk and your chair as the light from the lamp might throw extra heat with can be harmful to your eyes. In table lamps also, stability should be checked and if need be you should have a weighted bottom. There are some with a rotating head which is very useful on a writing desk.

Pendant lights and chandeliers

As these are attached to the ceiling, they aren’t at a risk of falling off. They are used only for decoration purpose and obviously can’t be used for reading or writing. Make sure the chandeliers in your living room aren’t very low as to obstruct views or hit heads. You can use your creativity and hang pendent lights and ceiling fixtures at a fixed distance in different styles and make it look like a chandelier to give it a modern twist. Pendant lights look beautiful even in your bathroom.

How To Choose The Right Floor Lamps And Lighting Fixtures For Your Home by

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