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How to make your home office your favorite room?

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Can you imagine that: your home office is your favorite room in the house? What would it sound like? “Oh, boy, I can’t wait to get out of bed and spend the rest of the day in my home office!” Well, maybe it wouldn’t sound quite that excited.

But those of us working at home usually love what we do – or at least like it a lot more than if we were caged in a shared office space. So the trick isn’t to love what we do, but love the space where we do it.

Light it up in Home Office

Most home office spaces are afterthoughts. To create a home office, other home living spaces were sacrificed, and that space often wasn’t designed with an office in mind. You know what we’re talking about: the closet that now holds your desk and your future financial freedom. The old reading nook that’s now full of papers, computer discs and food wrappings. Or what used to be the guest room, but still is the guest room when we actually have guests because there isn’t another space to use for guests.

In other words, the typical home office wasn’t-but-now-is. So . . . how do we turn the pumpkin into a carriage? You might be surprised how easy the transformation can be. With a little planning you can step into your carriage and breeze through your workday in a workspace you love as much as the work.

Space requirements The first step in transforming your home office space into the workspace of your dreams is to figure out what you need to accomplish in your home office space. Do you just need room for a desk, computer and printer? Do you need enough counter space to spread out blueprints? Will you need guest chairs for occasional visiting clients or customers? Any inventory you need to manage? Now you can start “seeing” how these needs will fit into your space.

Space Requirements for Home Office

Love the look Think about what your ideal home office looks like. Do you like traditional, contemporary or rustic interior design? Is Funky your life mission? Think about the office spaces you’ve seen and like, then begin planning yours with those things in mind. It will make buying office furniture so much faster and easier.

Love the Look Home Office

Choose your colors Next, pick your color palate. Research shows color affects focus, productivity, creativity and energy. What does your work require? If it’s somewhat repetitive and non-creative, consider blues and greens, which promote calm and focus.Are you the creative component to your home business? Then you’ll want to consider yellows, reds and oranges to stimulate your creative genius. And don’t forget to consider using these colors primarily on office furniture: neutral walls, blue sofa….

Choose your colors for Home Office

Light it up One more thing: plan your lighting. Every home office workspace needs a little special attention with lighting when the office space wasn’t designed for an office. You might want to talk to that brother-in-law who knows something about lighting. Or a knowledgeable rep at the office furniture store – they’re around offices and office planning all day long so pick their brains.

Light it up in Home Office

Are you ready? Get set – and go! You know what you want and how you want it for your perfect home office space, and now you can make it happen. Maybe you’ll paint the walls first. Or order that L-shaped desk. How about a little artsy-shopping for encouragement?Have fun, and soon you’ll love to go to work every day even more!

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