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Ideas for Small Home Decoration

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“Go east or go west ; Ultimately home is the best.”

For one and for all, home is the finest place at the end of the day.  As the city gets bigger in 21st century, the home becomes smaller, yet with creativity and  imagination, you can make your home appear bigger and smarter.  With elegant decoration ideas, even a small home can be the personal heaven of one’s own.

Read below and you will realise how…

Kitchen :

Separating small kitchen into two rooms

Separate Your Kitchen In Two Parts

You can always use and organise open storage shelves instead of the regular cupboards.  Use a small wall divider for separating small kitchen into two rooms; a) Cooking area b) service area.  Floor to ceiling shelves would be the perfect idea to store and display favourite and frequently needed items behind pretty glassware.

Living Room :

custom drapery for living room

Custom Drapery Gives Bigger Look To Your Living Room

Even the smallest rooms in small homes can be decorated to suit your own style and requirement.  Well, for small and smart living room, go for custom drapery over the huge double window in your living room, as huge window will allow light in the living area while drapery will maintain privacy.  Moreover, the use of solid fabric buttons sewn to sheer tops will create a sophisticated look which will make the ceiling appear higher than it actually is.

Bedroom :

use of mirrors in your bedroom

Mirror Gives Depth Look To Your Small Bedroom

The place for peace and comfort has to be the paramount.  The usage of serene palette, great lighting and simple yet smart storage solutions will serve the purpose with style and ease.  The use of mirrors will add depth and dimension to small bedroom and will also act like additional window.  The small idea will give sooth and leisure in bedroom.

Kid’s Room :


Twin Bunk Bed Is Best For Kid In Small Home

For kid’s bedroom, the best idea is hanging organizers as an alternative to the conventional storage of baskets and cupboards will reveal a unique appearance to the room.  In the closet, you can always double the capacity, by adding another rod at both sideways and can construct a workstation from medium density fireboard from the middle portion for homework and craft work.

Bathroom :

ultra dark shades for bathroom

Bring Warmth With Dark Shade Lights In Bathroom

The use of ultra dark shades in bathroom will give the most stylish appearance.  The upholstered walls in the small bathrooms will bring warmth and texture to the space.

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