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Tips To Decorate and Design Your Kitchen

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Design Your Kitchen For Pleasant Feeling

Kitchen is one of the warmest areas of our home and it may be thronged by guests during an informal gathering. Hence, it is very important to keep it clean and neat as well as decorate it with appropriate accessories.

Our kitchen is our temple where we cook our food which nourishes our body and soul. Keeping the kitchen organized is a must. It could be smaller in size as compared to the other rooms but as we spend the maximum time in our kitchen on most days, it is mandatory to design it well.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind while designing your kitchen:

1. Light shaded walls and attractive tiles:

Light shaded walls and attractive tiles for kitchen

Your kitchen should have light shaded walls like green or yellow and the tiles should have soothing patterns which are easy on the eye. In case you have a dark shade on the wall, you should co-ordinate it with the rest of the furniture accordingly. Also, the tiles and the wall paint should be of good quality and be able restrain the stains and the grease that comes with cooking in any kitchen, so that they can be cleaned with mere wiping.

2. A kitchen breakfast bar replacing the old coffee table:

coffee-glass bar

It is a good idea to have a breakfast bar in your kitchen with tall stools or chairs on the outer side and storage cabinets on the inner side, hence giving you more storage-space as well as more space than the coffee table. Moreover it is a raging trend and looks swanky.

3. Decorate your kitchen with plants:

plants in the kitchen

Why not grow the leaves you need every now and then for your kitchen instead of buying them? You can have basil or mint in little pots and it will give a natural look to your kitchen and be easy on your pocket too.

4. Hang pans and pots if you don’t know where to store them:

hang pan in kitchen

You can have a wooden stand with metal hooks fixed on your kitchen ceiling and hang the pans and pots you hardly use for cooking instead of arranging for big closets to store them. This will look fancy and also save a lot of space.

5. Lighting your kitchen:

decorate your kitchen with lights

Often people make a lovely kitchen but fail to make a good arrangement of lighting. Pendant lighting fixtures and a little dull light makes the ambience perfect for cooking a great meal.

And lastly, do not forget the main aspect of basic functionality of a kitchen in decorating it in an ultra modern fashion.

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