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The Chocolatiere lets you melt chocolate and make tasty fondues for your friends and family. It is the must have product for the holiday season and amateur and hobby chefs love its versatility. This electric chocolate melting pot warms chocolate to the optimum heat to create a velvety smooth chocolate dip. Unlike stovetop fondue pots the Chocolatiere wont harden or burn chocolate and you wont need to turn on your stove or boil water. Just plug in the Chocolatiere to create chocolate covered strawberries peanuts raisins coffee beans or cover your ice cream with chocolate for a home made ice cream bar. The Chocolatiere is also ideal for cheese fondues and comes with 12 delicious recipes to help you get started. With the convenient temperature control you choose the heat level. Turn it on high to melt chocolate or keep it on the lower setting to stop chocolate from hardening. The Chocolatiere also comes with six moulds to help you make your very own hard chocolate candies. Its so easy to do just melt 5 ounces of hard chocolate and pour the melted chocolate into each mould. Allow each mould to cool at room temperature or in the freezer pop out the chocolates and enjoy.
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