Patio Umbrella Stands

Now that you’ve found the perfect patio umbrella for your outdoor space, the time has come to find a patio umbrella stand or patio umbrella base to hold that umbrella in place. has different types of patio umbrella stands include plastic, stainless steel, Polyresin, concrete or unfilled bases. Concrete patio umbrella bases are heavy and solid, sure to hold your umbrella in place by the sheer weight of the stand. These work well when they can be hidden under a patio table, as they are quite bulky; although, they are also designed to look just as stylish as other stands. Stainless steel patio umbrella stands are often flat, with a sleeker look. These works well when there is no patio table present or the umbrella is offset and placed alongside the furniture, as opposed to underneath it. In order to choose the right umbrella stand or base for your space, a number of factors have to be taken into consideration, such as the height and weight of your patio umbrella, as well as if you have a free-standing umbrella or one that goes through a table. This is a decision that should be made with caution, as just the right umbrella stand can make your patio umbrella last even longer and stay in better shape.

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